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VA Loan: National Guard VA Loan qualifications 2022 update

Featured photo credit: https://www.nationalguard.com/careers/ground-forces

Photo credit: https://www.nationalguard.com/careers/ground-forces

The VA loan is one of the most powerful home buying tools available to those who qualify. A few benefits of the VA home loan are an option for ZERO down payment, no Private Mortgage Insurance, and lenient credit qualifications.

There are specific criteria to qualify for the VA home loan, one of which is the Minimum Service Requirement. This is essentially a baseline for service qualifications.

The Minimum Service Requirements for The Army, Navy, Air Force, & The Marine Corps:

  • Served 90 consecutive days of active service during wartime.
  • Served 181 days of active service during peacetime.

Recently, the VA has revised their qualifications for those who serve and have served in the National Guard, which has opened the VA loan to thousands of National Guard members.

National Guard updated VA Loan qualifications are as follows:

  • If you’ve served for at least 90 days (minimum 30 consecutive days) of active duty under Title 32 orders, you meet the minimum service requirement.

Over recent years, thousands of National Guard members were activated under Title 32 Orders, meaning many of them are eligible for a VA Home Loan.

Have you served or are currently serving in the National Guard? Reach out to one of our branches today to learn about the VA home loan and find out if you are eligible today!

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