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“Barry and his team are extremely professional and knowledable. He kept us up to date through the entire mortgage process and quickly responded to every question we had. He secured the best rate and got everything done on time for our closing!”

– Ted B.

“Barry was absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only did he get us a reasonable rate but he was always accessible to answer any question- he would respond within minutes! With an intense and competitive market, timing was so important to complete our purchase- Barry would email our approval letter right away and discussed our financial questions at any time. He ensured the closing was done correctly and in a timely manner. We highly recommend him for your mortgage needs!!!”

– Jessica D.

“Barry Cooper – The name who brought us a lot of happiness in our life as form of our dream home…because he made everything possible, easy and quick with his broad knowledge and skills. We highly and strongly recommend him for your dream home.”

– Kinjal & Jital P.

“Barry Cooper made the complicated process of securing competitive financing terms for the purchase of my new home very easy. It was a pleasure dealing with an experienced, true professional that understood my closing needs and provided excellent service. I would not hesitate to recommend Barry to my work associates and friends.”

– John

“Barry is a very knowledgable and professional loan officer who I am comfortable recommending to all my clients. He provides the client with excellent service and follows up with me on the progress of the loan. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He has worked with me at open houses and is very personable and knows how to make clients and other real estate agents comfortable and confident to use him.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.”

– Paula Fox-Realtor

“My husband and I were first time homebuyers, and were apprehensive about choosing someone for our mortgage. We wanted someone who would care about getting us the best rate, and also be helpful and friendly. Barry Cooper was all of those things and more. He helped us with our endless questions, got us the best rate and always kept us in the loop. I will be highly recommending him to anyone I know who is buying a home! Thanks so much.”

Amanda H.

“Barry is the consummate professional who pays attention to detail. He was able to secure very favorable loan terms for me and I’m confident that he will turn over every stone to make sure that you get the best deal possible on your loan too. I have enjoyed working with Barry because he gets the job done and is very personable.”

– John Z.

“Four key reasons why to try Barry Cooper 1. Knowledgeable. He shares his knowledge with his customers via news letters whether you need him now or in the future. 2. Skilled. Listens well to your needs, negotiates the best terms possible for his customers, and has processes in place to make it happen. 3. Freedom. Able to offer wide ranges of options and selects the best for your needs; unlike institutions like banks, and places like Beneficial which are limited (focus more on their needs). 4. Desire. He is with you and your referrals for the long-term not like other who thinks short-term (Used Car Salesman). He treats you like family (wise advice and kind words). After you try him the first time it gets better the second time. – The first time you want to know if he can make the unbelievable offer happen, the second time you know he can. We have never used the same person or company twice or highly recommended someone until now.”

– Charles & Karen

“We can’t say enough good things about Barry Cooper. He truly went out of his way to make the whole mortgage process understandable and convenient for us. While other brokers in the past seemed to give us the run around, Barry helped us to close in just 3 days. He is a true professional that goes the extra step to add a personal touch. We can’t thank him enough for everything he did for us,and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a mortgage.”

– Joseph & Irene

“While shopping for mortgage on internet in Feb 2012, I was lured by too good to be true interest rates by a small time lender from Kansas. The mortgage consultant was very nice and always sounded as if they are very professional and that everything is progressing well. Whatever documents they asked from me, I had submitted the same without any delay. Based on my income, they had also provided the pre-approval letter and good faith estimate for the locked 30 years fixed interest rate. A Mortgage Commitment was issued.  The closing date had been communicated to them well in advance and they confirmed to my attorney that they would be able to send the package a day earlier to enable an early morning closing. On the penultimate evening the mortgage consultant called me and delivered the shock “They would not be doing the loan due to my high debt to income ratio”. The truth was that the too good to be true rate was really not true.

Imagine, the seller has moved out of the house, I have already given notice to my rental apartment and your lender has made you look like a big fool. At this juncture my Realtor recommended that I talk to Barry Cooper, and that he is really good. The same evening I spoke with Barry, provided him basic information regarding my income and tax returns. Barry and his team then moved with lightening speed and provided me the loan approval within one week. Barry came as a life saver for us in this ordeal. Oh yes, and he gave a great rate too……..that’s called icing on the cake. I would HIGHLY recommend Barry Cooper over any other mortgage deal. BARRY the man who is dependable, can move at the lightening speed and provide a great rate too.”

Vinod M.

“Barry promised us he could close in 30 days. He delivered!  Barry handled everything and kept us well informed throughout the process, making it as  stress free for us as possible.  We received our loan commitment in less than 3 weeks and closed on time.  From now on, I will only work with Barry Cooper for my mortgage needs.”

– Hans G. & Ivana R.

“I was considering refinancing my home and immediately knew I wanted to work with Barry Cooper again. Barry was the person who my realtor used for my original house purchase. I knew Barry would take good care of me and be very honest about what the facts were in today’s market. As a single female that meant a lot to me, and in the end Barry got me exactly the rate and deal I had hoped for. The closing was rapid fast and I am looking forward to saving lots of money on my mortgage payments! Thanks Barry….I couldn’t have done it without you.

– Karen F.


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